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This personalized training is for YOU!

Do you wish you could re-create your salon styled hair at home but just don't know how? Do you have tons of products at your house but never know what ones to reach for? 

From the convenience of your own home, I am all yours for a 45 minute session full of styling tips and tricks!

Flat iron, a wand, or traditional curlin


Personalized one on one 

Virtual Style Training!

This training includes:

- A 45 minute session with me one on one, over a video chat!

- I will go through exactly how to achieve the look you are looking for with YOUR OWN tools at home. I will walk you through the process step by step.

-I'll show you how to use the products you have at home and the right time to use them.

Choose a Style:

- The Heather Curls! My Classic Flat Iron Curl

- Classic Beach Wave

- The Big, Bouncy Curl

- How to Blow Dry Your Hair

- Braid Style

Choose one style for your 45 minutes of personal one on one coaching!


So many of my clients say, "I wish you could style my hair everyday!" or " I just wish I could take you home with me!"


Now is your chance.... I can't style it for you, but I can style it with you!  

Click the link below to secure your personal one on one styling coaching!

"I can't wait to see you soon!" - Heather

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